Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Winter clothes swap.
If you have clothes at home that your child/children have
grown out of bring them to the school so that another child can
get some joy from them.
You can also come and see if there are any clothes in your childs/childrens size that they need.
We will have this going on until the holiday break.
A great opportunity to help someone or to find something that your child need.


The Dover School Club

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Wishing Tree

It’s that time of year and the Wishing Tree is up and wishes from the teachers are hung in clear Christmas ornaments in the tree.
If you would like to support a teacher and their classroom this Christmas,
take an ornament of your choice and/or write your name on the wishing tree list
outside Lori’s office. Buy the gift, wrap the gift, put the teachers name on it, bring it back to school, and put it on under the Wishing tree.
We need to have the gifts under the tree by Friday, December 19th.
This is a great way to show the teachers some Christmas appreciation and school spirit.

If you have any questions just email us @

The Dover School Club.